I have many friends. Among them Alauddin is very much close to me. I am always pleased with many excellent qualities of his personality. To me he is a noble character. He is true to his word all the time. He is intelligent and sincere to his work and thought. He is honest and courageous. I like him for all these qualities. I think he is a man of integrity. I share some qualities with him. His honesty and simplicity seem to be very
much like mine. But there is one negative quality in him. He regularly gets up very late. So, he often misses his classes. He becomes angry when I try to wake him up in the morning. But nowadays young people of our age are addicted to various kinds of drugs and other bad habits. But my friend does not have any of those habits. We save ourselves from those negative qualities by keeping ourselves busy in games and sports and cultural work. I always try to bring his strong sense of determination in me. Often I fall off determination about important things. I think everyone should have determination. I always try to encourage my others friends to be determined in their disposition.