Our life is the sum total of hours, days and years. But all days are not equally memorable to us. Most of the days are forgotten with the passage of time. Only a few of these days remain ever fresh in our memory. My first day at school is such a day. It is fresh in my mind even now. I was then a boy of seven. In the night prior to my admission, my father told me that I was going to be admitted to a school. I feet both joy and fear.

It was Sunday. Mother washed me well, combed me hair dressed me in new costly clothes.father also dressed himself well clothes and became ready. Then I went to school with my father. My father took me to the headmaster who asked me my name and some questions. At first I felt a bit nervous and shy in a new situation where everything was unfamiliar to me. But the loving and affectionate words of the headmaster help me to get rid of my nervousness. I looked at him and he, with a smile, asked me what my name was. I told him my name. I also replied the other questions of the headmaster quite well. The headmaster pleased at my performance and admitted me to class one.

Then he called the class teacher Mr. Anwar who took me to the class. The class teacher introduced me with the other boys in the class. At first I felt aloof and helpless. But I was able to cope with the situation in a short time. I think that was the most memorable day in my life. Since then many days and years have passed by. But my first day at school still peeps in my memory with pleasure. It will remain ever fresh in my memory forever.