We all have a mother language. Mother language needs no study to learn. But if we want to learn a specific language, we will need to study it. We can be master of another language but its need a lot of study. That’s much study is not necessary. We just need a specific skill so that we can use that language anywhere.

We need four skill of a language. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Hearing. And if anyone want to be good at English he just need a good skills over those.
In my website I will work about writing of English. English writing is very necessary now days. We need write application for applying for job or admission. Need to make reports of newspaper or company or so on. And also need to write composition in real life many times.

 So, here in my websites I like to give examples for application, latters, essay and more. Those examples will not make you heavy expert in writing English. But those help you understand the method for writing. I am trying to give all types for writings that necessary. If you write those by the patters I show you, your writing will be granted and you can say you are aware of how to write application, latters, paragraphs, essays, reports and so on…