Every country has a national flag of her own.It symbolizes the independence and sovereignty of a country.Like other countries we have a national flag of our own and it is very sacred to us.We are really proud of it.We achieved it after a sanguinary war of libaration in 1971. It bears a great significance.It is the pride and symbol of our

nation.It is rectangular in size and is very nice to look at.It may be different sizes but its length and breadth must be in ratio of 10:6. The middle portion of it is round and red which symbolizes the rising sun.It indicates our prosperity and bright future.The remaining portion of it is bottle green in colour.It stands for the everlasting freshness of our youth and vitality of our nation.It is the symbol of all our hopes and aspirations.It is our duty to uphold the honour of our national flag and pay hamage to it.All of us should remain ever vigilant to safeguard its honour and sancity even at the cost of our life.

Bangladeshi Flag!