When too many vehicles try to move along a narrow street or road at a time,they create traffic jam.It is a great problem in big cities and towns in our country.There are many causes of it.One of the causes of traffic jam is that our existing roads and streets are slender and narrow.In big cities,innumerable rickshaws that ply on the roads and streets are another
cause of it.As most of the rickshaw pullers are illiterateandignorent of traffic rules,they break the traffic rules and most often create traffic jam.Again most of the drivers in our country are not willing to obey the traffic rules.They drive their vehicles at their sweet will,which is another cause of traffic jam.Wrong parking of vehicles and illegal markets beside busy roads, unnecessary overtaking of vahicles are also responsible for traffic jam.Owing to traffic jam sometimes people are to wait on the roads for several hours.It kills their valuable time and hampers their work.It causes great sufferings to a serious patient being carried in an ambulance.We want to get rid of this problem.To overcome the problem; the existing narrow roads and strrets should be broadened. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced and flyover have to be constructed in certain areas where traffic jam occurs frequently.Besides,the traffic authority needs to be more careful to enforce traffic rules.Above all everybody should followed the traffic rules in order to avoid traffic jam.