Many people get much pleasure in keeping animals in their houses as pet.Like others I have a pet animals.Mypet is a dog.It is an Alsasian dog.My father brought it when it was three months old.On the very day of its coming to our house I was overjoyed and felt love for it.It became my favourite and I began to bring it up with all care and love.I call it Tom.

Tom is three years now.It has a long mouth with two erect ears.It is of ash colour.Its teeth and nails are sharp and its body is covered with thick fur.It has a long toung and keen eyes, which show its intelligence and ferocity.When looked at from a distanceit appers to be a leopard.It is not only big but also healthy.It is very strong too.We keep it in the cage locked during daytime for the safety of visitors and unknown persons.Tom is fond of rice, flesh, milk and bone.I give it food twice a day-first in the morning and again in the afternoon.My father sets apart a budget for its food and care.Every member of our family takes care of Tom, as it is obedient to all of us.

Tom is very ferocious in nature, particularly towards an intruder and an unknown person.It barks loudly at any one other than our relations.Once it gets furious, it’s difficult to control it.Although Tom is wild and ferocious by nature, it is wild, obedient and faithful to all the members of our family,particularly,to me.I go out for a walk in the evening.As I throw anything at a certain distance, it runs quickly,picks it up and brings it back to me.As I run,it runs with me.If I am on jogging, it also follows me.It follows me everywhere I go.

Tom is our most faithful friend.When it is night.I set it free from the cage so that it can move at large.It watches our house at night against thieves and other miscreants.If anybody enters into the campus of our house at night,Tom gets furious and falls upon him.We hardly feel it necessary to keep a night guard in our house for our safety.It is dear to all of us and enemy tonone.We all show kindness to it and take every care of it.
Dog pet animals!