A cordial relation two persons is called friendship.It is a strong bond of mind.A real friend is better than wealth.It is a great blessing in a man’s life.But it’s very difficult to find a good and real friend.We have many friends but only a few of them can be called good ones who stand by us in our weal and woe.Most of our friends are fair weather
friends.They come to us in our better days and leave us in distress.So, all of us must be very careful in choosing friends.Friendship should be established on the basis of similar tastes, feelings and ideology.It should be grown out of sincere love and respect for each other.In making friendship we must keep allof from false friends who leaves us in times of danger.Boyhood and youth are the best times for making friendship.It has a great impact on our life and character.”A man is known by the company he keeps”,is a wise saying.So, we should avoid the company of false and evil friends.