Early rising means getting up from bed in the morning.It is a good habit.Its helps us to keep in good health.The man who rises early gets some advantages over the man who rises late.There is a wise saying:

                        ‘Early to bed and early to rise,
                 Makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.’

This proverb contains the inner significance of early rising.An early riser can enjoy the fresh air and oxygen of the morning that refresh both his body and mind.An early riser also gets the opportunity of going for a walk or taking physical exercise.Both morning walk and physical exercise makes a man physically strong and mentally cheerful.Moreover, an early riser can start his work early and such gets enough timeto perform his work properly.On the contrary,too much sleep makes a man dull and lazy.A late riser wastes a lot of his time in sleeping.So he doesn’t have time to finish his work properly.Time always goes on and waits for none.To make the best use of time early rising has no alternative.It is one of the best ways to be healthy,wealthy and wise.Above all,an early riser gets the chance of enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds nature.So everybody should cultivate the habit of rising early from the very beginning of life.