Like many others,I have a pet in my house.I keep it out of love and hobby.My pet is an Alsasian dog. My father bought it when it was three months old.Since  the very day of its coming to our house,I have felt a great love for it.I call it Tom.It is now three years old.It has a long mouth with two erect ears.It is brown in colour.Its teeth and nails are very sharp and its body is covered with fur.It has two bright eyes that show its
intelligence and ferocity.We keep it on a chain at day time for the safety of visitors and unknown persons.When it is seen from a distance,it appears to be a leopard. It is very strong and healthy.It is fond of flesh and bones.I give it food twice a day-once in the morning and again in the afternoon.My father sets apart a budget for its food and care.Tom is very ferocious in nature particularly towards unknown persons.It fears none.Once it gets furious,it is difficult to control it.Though Tom wild and ferocious by nature, it is very obedient and faithful to me.There has grown up a cordial relation between Tom and me.I am very fond of it and it is also very fond of me.