My home is at a village called Batmari in the district of Sherpur.This is the home where I was born.It comprises an area of two acres of land.It stands in the midst of beauties of nature.A big canal flows by the north of it.The canal turns into a river in the rainy season.Green plants and trees enclose the eastern and the western side of it.Only the southern side is open.It consists of
six separate houses.Four of them are made of wood and C.I sheets.Two are made of straw and bamboo.The main house is south facing.It has two doors and several windows.There is a big pond on the south where we take bath and cultivate fish.In between the houses and the houses and the pond there is fairly a large compound.We generally play minor and outdoor games there.In front of the main house there is a flower garden with varieties of flowers that add to the beauty of the house.My home is really the sweetest place on the earth.I love it more than anything else.It reminds me of the sweet song of the poet.
                        ‘Home, home, sweet home,
                       There is no place like home.’