Gardening is perhaps the most interesting of all pursuits that people have.It is usually followed during leisure.Like many other people, I have a garden in front of our house.It comprises an area of two kathasof land.It is divided into two parts.In one part there is a flower garden and in another part there is a storng fence around it so that the cattle and the naughty children cannot do any harm to it.Every afternoon, I go to my garden and work there for about two hours.In my flowers garden there are different and many other seasonal
flowers.In my vegetable garden I cultivate varieties of seasonal vegetables.My garden gives me both pleasure and monetary benefits.It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind.Every morning, when I visit my garden,I feel a great pleasure seeing the garden full of flowers.My heart dances with joy when I see the flowers tossing their heads in the gentle breeze.At night when the sweet smell of flowers comes into my room,it makes me happy and fills my mind with heavenly bliss.My vegetables garden provides me with various kinds of vegetables throughout the year.Gardening,I think,is a great source of joy and happiness. I feel very happy to have such a garden.