The room,which is generally used for reading,is called a reading room.As I am a student, I have a separate room for my reading.It is located just at the south end of our one storeyed building.Though it’s not a big and spacious room,it is a neat and clean one.To allow free excess of light and air it has two doors and three windows.It is well set with electric fans and lights.Infront of the room there is a flower garden that makes the room more attractive.The walls of the room are decorated with some paintings,pictures and photos of
eminent writers and poets.In the room there are a chair, a table and a bookshelf.All my books and necessary articles are kept in the shelf systematically.As I am very fond of flowers.I always keep a flower vase in front of me on my table.It cheers up my mind and gives me much pleasure.My reading room is really a nice one having all facilities for studies.I seldom allow anybody in the room while it’s time for reading.I feel comfortable and easy while I am in the room.I always keep the room neat and clean.I really feel proud of my reading room.