A school magazine is an annual or periodical publication of the school mostly written and contributed by the students.It’s a forum through which our juvenile learners can get the opportunity to express the green ideas of their mind.Almost every financially solvent school publishes a school magazine every year.Both teachers & students write in it.Generally poems,short stories,articles,jokes,one-act play,riddles,etc. are published in the magazine. In order to conduct the work of publication of the chairman and chief patron.The headmaster
selects an editor among the teachers.The editor at first invites writings from the teachers and the students from the magazine.After proper scrutiny and correction the best ones are selected and sent to the press for printing.The school magazine helps the young learners develop their latent faculties. It helps them develop their power of thinking and writing.It offers the students opportunities to become a writer in later life.In fact,the school magazine is the first stepping stone for the future writers.A young learner really feels proud and happy when he finds his writing in the magazine.