Leisure means free time i.e. the time when our mind is at relaxation and body is at rest. It is the sweetest moment when we are at our sweet will to pass our time in joy and merriment. Modern life is very busy with little scope for leisure. But leisure is useful to both our body and mind. Our body needs rest and relaxation to regain vigour and energy. It is essential to keep the mind cheerful and to drive away dullness and monotony of routine work.All work and no recreation make us dull and
monotonus. Indeed, leisure is almost as necessary for life as food and water.So we must make some provisions for leisure during the course of our routine work. As such, we should set apart at least a day in a week as a leisure for rest and recreation.To make the best use of our leisure we must chalk out a programme to spend it.We may have a get-together of friends and relations on the day of leisure. We may spend the time by arranging some joyful activities like musical soiree, dance and drama.We may also spend the leisure among the members of the family playing indoor games and doing recreational pursuits and visiting friends. In fact, leisure is perhaps the essence of life.