A few days ago I attended a weeding ceremony of my friend Kamal. It took place at Lakshmipur. On evening of the day, amidst laughter and joy, the bridegroom party started for the bride’s house. When we reached the bride’s house, the bride party received us cordially and had taken us in the pandal of the
ceremony, which was nicely decorated with flowers and colourul lights. With its twinkling fairy lights it looked like an enchanted land. The bridegroom had his special decorated seat where he was surrounded by the bride’s sisters, cousins and friends. Then the Kazi performed the ceremonial marriage. After that everybody prayed to Almighty Allah for their happy and peaceful conjugal life. Then we were entertained by the bride party with delicious dinner. By this time the bride came out escorted by her elder sister and a favourite uncle. She looked really beautiful with her red silk and gold jewellery. She sat down beside the bridegroom. I was really delighted to have the opportunity to attending the ceremony of my best friend Kamal.