Health refers to the soundness of the body as well as the soundness of the mind. It is the most valuable wealth of a man. It is the main source of all happiness. But the meaning of the term health is not confined to a particular aspect. What we see from outside is not all about the health of a man. I other words, it indicates two aspects of health viz:- physical health and mental health. Physical health consists in the proper growth of
all mental faculities. Both physical and mental health together consititutes what we call health. For maintaining physical health we have to eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, take rest and sleep properly. Besides these, we have to take regular physical exercise. For our mental health we should have control over our emotions and have patience and respect for other people’s feelings. The man who is both physically and mentally developed in a balanced way is a healthy man. A healthy man can enjoy a happy and long life. So, everybody should follow the rules of health to be healthy.