Eid-ul-fitr is the biggest religious festival of the Muslims across the world. The Muslims celebrate the day daylong fasting throughout the month of Ramadhan. This day bears a great significance to the Muslims. They eagerly wait for this day after keeping away from all sorts of vices during the ramadhan. On this day the Muslims come closer to one another forgetting all enmity and hatred. This day brings immense joy and
happiness to them. On this day the Muslims get up early in the morning. After having finished their bath they put on traditional dress- pajama and Panjabi and go to Eidgah to say Eid Prayer. After the prayer they embrace each other and exchange greetings saying Eid Mubarak.  They also visited houses of their near and dear ones. On this happy occasions children’s joy know no bounds. Wearing new dresses they move from house to house and eat delicious foods. Although Eid-ul-fitr is a day of festivity, it teaches us to love all. It reminds us of the saying ‘’ Malice towards none but love for all under the sun’’