The things without which human beings can not do are called basic human needs. There are five basic needs of human beings. There are foods, clothes, shelter or accommodation, education and medicine. Now-a-days recreation is also considered as a need. These things are necessary for leading a decent life. But most of the people in a country like Bangladesh do not get them when they need. Because of the large population there
are problems of food, shelter, education and medical treatment. This is the responsibility of the government to ensure at least two squire meals a day for the people. To solve food problem the farmers should grow more and more food grains. The government should also establish more schools, colleges, medical college hospitals for the proper education and treatment. As our cultivable land is decreasing it is difficult go grow food grains as per the requirement of the people. In this case government should buy sufficient food from abroad. Without ensuring the basic needs we can not hope to build up a happy, prosperous and peaceful nation.