More than ever the prices of essential commodities are going up by leaps and bounds. All previous records of high prices have been broken. Rice, fish, meat, chicken, kerosene oil, edible oils and vegetables are being sold at exceedingly high prices. Price hike hits the poor people. However, the prices of rice and vegetables have gone down recently owing to season’s new rice and vegetables. But one kilo of soyabean oil sold at
taka 90.00 one month back, is now being sold at taka 120.00 Similarly the price of kerosene oil now brings sufferings to the villegers. The hoarders are responsible for this. Strict measures should be taken by the government to curb the hoarders’ ill motive which creates artificial crisis of essential commodities. Government has already made Open Market Sale (OMS) of rice to curb the price hike and as such it is now under control, but the prices of sugar, washing soap, onion, garlic and other commodities are beyond the purchasing capacity of common men. The authority concerned is being requested to look into the matter and to take strict measures so that the prices of essential commodities remain within the reach of common people.