Sound pollution has become a serious problem of our time. Because of urban population and the increasing use of machines in our everyday life has been a general increase in the level f sound us. It has reached an unbearable level. Sound pollution is caused by the use of powerful vehicular horns, music with amplifiers, loud speakers, screaming of workers at construction sites, children in primary schools and workers working in mills and factories. It has a harmful impact on our environment. Millions f people specially children are
exposed to sound pollution. As a result, children’s power of hearing is damaged. Its impact on us is so harmful that we may gradually become deaf. Blood pressure of a patient may rise for sound pollution. It may cause heart attack, chronic depression, respiratory disorders etc. it also causes lack of concentration in studies. Sound pollution can be controlled by raising public awareness through mass media and by careful town planning. Government should take necessary steps in this regard. Strict law should be enforced to control sound pollution. Use of hydraulic horns should be banned strictly. People must be made aware about the adverse effect of sound pollution.