We have a short length of life on this earth. But we have a lot of things to do during this short period of time. We can do a lot of things only by making the proper use of our time. Proper use of time makes a man happy and prosperous in life. So we must not neglect or, while away our time in vain. Time once gone is gone forever. Lost wealth may be regained by hard labor, lost knowledge by studying hard, lost health by taking proper food and medicine but lost time can not be brought
back by any means. It always goes on its way and waits for none. Only by utilizing every moment of our time properly, we can achieve success in life. If we leave anything for tomorrow, which we can do today, there is no guarantee that we shall be able to do it tomorrow. Everything must be done at its proper time. Otherwise, it may never be done in future. Days are passing out hastily and we are nearing our graves. So, present is the best time for us to make good use of. The success and failure in life depend largely on how we utilize our time. The lives of all great men teach us to be punctual and do our respective duties in proper time. Anything contrary to it will bring total failure and misery in life.