The Computer is the latest wonder of modern science. It benefits us in many ways. It has now become an essential part of our modern life. It has brought about a great change in our way of life. It works as a substitute for human brain. It has enabled us to perform any difficult work most accurately and perfectly in a few seconds. It helps us in doing all types of difficult mathematical calculations within a very short time. It can do a job in a few seconds that would normally take
days together for hundreds of people. It can store in its ‘memory’ the different kinds of data, records and millions of bits of information, which can be regained when required by pressing a button. It’s guarantee to free men from various tiresome and routine works. The modern world is undoubtedly a world of computers. In the field of medical diagonis and printing, computers are doing wonders. In the western countries, computers dominate every sphere of man’s life. Our country is also gradually moving towards a computer culture.