People who live near my house are my neighbours. As I live in a town, my neghbours are all town dwellers. But all neighbours are not found alike. There are some neighbours who are co-operative, frank and well-behaved. While there are some neighbours who are not always good neighbours. Rather they are self-centred, narrow-minded, non-co-operative and quarrelsome. I’m happy that most of my neighbours have wide outlook and decent ides of social-life. Among all my neghbours
Mr. Zaman who is a retired govt. officer is my most intimate neighbor. We have been living as good neighbor \s for long fifteen years. He is sweet in his words and always sincere, honest and considerate. We live in perfect harmony and peace. He stands by me in weal and woe. Similarly, I stand by him with reciprocal attitude. We mutually take part in social functions like marriage ceremony, birthday party and so on and so forth. We always consult each other on any matter of mutual interest. He is so cordial and gentle that I cant differentite him from my close relations. My neighbor Mr. Zaman is really a man of excellent character and amiable dispositions. He is an honest and helpful neighbor who deserves all love and praise from us.