May Day means 1st May of every year, which is recognized as the international Workers’ Day in most countries. This day is observed in memory of the workers who laid down their lives for the interest of the workers in Chicago in May, 1886. All the privileges that workers enjoy today such as a minimum wage, safety laws and eight-hour workday were the outcome of the sacrifices of the workers on May 3, 1886. On this day police fired upon a crowd of strikers at the McComick
Harvest Machine Company, Chicgo killing at least one striker seriously wounding five or six others and injuring an unknown number. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, workers were compelled to work very long shifts, lasting up to fourteen or even more hours a day. The sacrifice made by the workers of the city of Chicago is remembered every year all over the world on 1st of May. Now it is not only a day of remembrance of the martyred workers but also a day of inspiration of being united for the realization of their \legitimate demands. On this day, they renew their vow to fight against oppression and for human rights.