The people had a dream for long to set their foot on the moon. At last the long cherished dream came into reality on July 20, 1969. On July 16, 1969 the three American astronauts named Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Micheal Collins getting into the Apollo-11 started their journey for the moon. Four days later they began orbiting the moon. After a while, Armstrong and aldrin left their spaceship in a lunar landing craft in order to land on the moon. On July 20, 1969 at 8-56 am
Armstrong got down from the lunar landing craft and put his left foot on the surface of the moon. Just after 20 minutes, Aldrin followed him and also stepped on the moon. They explored the surface of the moon, moved freely on it, took pictures and gathered moon rocks. During this time, Michael Collins was in the manin ship, which was moving round the moon. After spending more than two hours on the moon Armstrong and Aldrin returned safely to the main ship where Collins was eagerly waiting for them. Then they began their homeward journey and came back safely to the earth. Thus the dream of landing on the moon came true. It has proved that nothing is impossible for man.