Grameen Bank is the name of a bank but it is unlike other banks of the country. Noted economist of the country Prof. Mohammad Yunus established Grammen Bank with a view to alleviating poverty from the rural areas. The bank renders service to the rural poor and landless people across the country to make them self-relent. It provides loans to this section of people to start a small business or take up small-scale project so that they can earn and lead a better life. As per rules and
regulations of the bank, the poor people interested in taking loans would have to make 5-6 groups of workers; each group comprising five members before borrowing money from the bank. They would have a centre there where the bank will work to give loans and receive repayment of loans. Thus the Grammen Bank is functioning in the rural areas to free the country from poverty. The bank is playing a vital role with support of the government for the development of the rural poor people.