English is an international language. In order to communicate with the people of other countries we have to learn English. But it is the matter of great regret that a large number of students fail in English in the SSC examination. There are many causes of it. The main causes are lack of interest in the subject, lack of proper teaching and frequent changes of syllabus and textbook an lack of awareness of our students regarding the importance of learning English. As a result, they can’t
properly be encouraged. Again, there is shortage of well-trained efficient teachers. Besides these, most of the textbooks, which are taught in our schools, are quiet inadequate for learning English properly. Moreover, our classes are so overcrowded that the students do not get the attention they need. Unsuitable, syllabuses are also partly responsible for failure in English. We should, therefore, do something to remove this problem. Some steps have already been taking in this respect by the government. Let us hope for the best.