To be a good one, a student must have some qualities. He must be regular in and attentive to his studies. This will help him do well in the examinations. As such, he should attend his classes regularly and listen to what his teachers say in the classes. He should be very punctual in doing all his works at home and at school. He must not spend his time and energy in anything other than his studies. Rather, he should make the best use of his time to make good preparation and good results
in the examinations. He will have to make a routine of his work and follow it strictly. This will help him to finish his work in time. This will make him prompt and active in every work. Besides these, a good student have some other good qualities such as, politeness, honesty, truthfulness, sincerity etc. These qualities along with academic excellence make him dear to the teachers and the taught. Last of all a good student should refrain from all sorts of bad habits and keep himself away from evil company. Finally, a good student mustn’t keep himself confined to studies only, he must take part in games and sports and cultural activities.