If anybody wants to open an account with a bank, first he has to go to the bank and seek the permission of the manager. After permission, the manager will give him an application form or will ask some other concerned person to give him the same. Then he has to fill it according to the instructions. Next he has to be identified by some one who has an account with that bank. The introducer must put his signature and write his account number and address in the relevant part of
space provided in the application form. After that he has to put three specimen signatures in the signature card which will be kept in the bank for verification at the time of transaction of money. He also has to submit two passport size photos attested by his identifier. Finally, he has to deposit a sum of at least taka five hundred or as per banking rules in favour of his account. The bank will then give him an account number, which he must mention in all his transactions. By following these processes anybody can open an account with a bank.