Tee is a common drink in our country. But everybody does not know hw to make a cup of tea. Making a cup of tea is very easy and at the same time interesting. It is prepared through a number of steps. First, one has to put some water in a pot or a kettle and then put it on a burning stove in order to boil the water. When it has been boiled for some time more. Next the liquor has to be
poured in a teacup through a strainer. At the end one or two teaspoonfuls of sugar and two or three teaspoonfuls of hot milk has to be added with it. In this way we get as a tasty drink. But there may be varieties of tea for varieties of taste. Some way prefer tea without milk or sugar. Some may add a little lemon juice to liquor instead of sugar and milk. Some may have the liquor strong or light. Some would have saccharin instead of sugar on health ground. It generally takes five or ten minutes to prepare a cup of tea.