It was January 10, 2013. I along with some of my friends paid a visit to the Mirpur zoo. The day was very nice. We reached there just at 3:00 p.m. We brought tickets from the ticket counter and entered inside the zoo. At first we went to the monkey house and saw them chattering and jumping from one bar to another. We threw some peanuts to them and enjoyed how joyfully they ate them. Then we went near to the Royal Bengal Tigers. It was a well-protected area. We saw several of tigers in different iron cages. They seemed to be ferocious and looked at us with their majesty.
Next we went near the lions. They were restless and were moving inside the cage with frequent roars that were horrible and frightening. Then we went to see rhinoceros and saw it was moving in muddy water. Our attention was then drawn to the place where there were some beautiful deer. Their big and beautiful eyes attracted me very much. Henceforth, we went to the snakes, crocodiles, zebra and many other water and land animals. At the end we visited the birds’ house here various kinds of birds were kept. It took more than two hours to go round the entire zoo. We left the zoo with a joyful heart gathering some new experience and knowledge about some birds and beasts that we visited.