The name of my school is Hazir Para Hamidia High School. It is one of the best schools in the district of Lakshmipur. It is a two storeyed L-shape building facing the south. It is painted white. It looks very nice from a distance. It has a boundary wall with a big strong beautiful gate. A gatekeeper always remains standing there to watch over the entrance. The main gate remains closed during the school hours. It has as many as 40 rooms in all. They are fairly large and well furnished.
The headmaster, the assistant headmaster and others teacher have their separate rooms on the ground floor. There are some rooms, which are used as, library, students’ common room, office and laboratory. 30 rooms are used for holding classes. Besides these, there is a big auditorium on the 2nd floor for the purpose of holding meetings and other functions. The building can accommodate about two thousand students at a time. In front of the building, there is a big playground. We play different kinds of outdoor games there after school hours.