The man who earns his living by pulling rickshaw is called a rickshaw puller. Bangladesh is the only country where the rickshaws and rickshaw pullers play a vital role in the field of transport. The poor section of the people in our country find it easy to pull rickshaws to earn their livelihood. A rickshaw puller is mostly a young man. He gets up early in the morning and goes down in the street with a rickshaw to carry passengers from one place to another. In all weathers, whether it is good or bad, he is seen carrying passengers. Though a rickshaw puller pulls his rickshaw from morning till night, he leads a very poor and hard life. He generally lives in a slum area, which is unhealthy and unhygienic. He supports himself and his family through great hardship. He can’t afford to buy good food and clothes for himself and his family for want of money. The money that he earns is spent mostly for buying his daily food. He suffers greatly when he cannot pull a rickshaw because of illness. At that time, the whole family suffers seriously. Considering his services to the middle class people who generally go by rickshaw. We should do something to improve his lot.