I have heard and seen many doctors in my life. But none of them can impress me so deeply as Dr. Abduj Zaher. He is a professor of cardiology in the Sohrawardy Hospital in Dhaka. He is noted for his good behavior and pleasing manner. He takes great care of the patients who come under his disposal in the hospital. As he is a very popular and efficient doctor, patients are very eager to get
his treatment. He charges very reasonable fees from the patients who come to him in his private chamber. For his polite behavior and pleasing manner the patients really feel very happy whenever they come in his touch. He is so kind and sympathetic towards the poor and helpless patients that he often treats them charging no fees from them. He attends the call outside with great interest without considering his own inconveniences. For all these reasons, he has earned a good reputation as an efficient physician. In fact, he possesses all the sterling qualities of a doctor whom I may safely call a good doctor.