I have heard since my boyhood much about A.K. Fazlul Haq, known as Sher-E-Bangla. He is the man whom I like most. He was born in the district of Barisal in 1872. He was ery talented from his boyhood. He achieved excellent result in all the examination. He took his master’s and B.L degrees from the Culcatta University in 1895 and 1987 respectively. After taking B.L degree he enrolled himself in the Calcutta High Court as an assistant to sir Ashouth Mukherje. In 1906 he qualified
himself as an ICS and served under the government of India. But a few days later, he left the job again joined the Calcutta Bar in 1972 as a lawyer. Though he was the son of rich parents, he always thought for the poor people particularly the farmers of Bengal who, were the worst sufferers in the hands of the than landlords. When he became the chief minister of Bengal, he passed the Bengal tenancy Act, which saved the peasantry of this country from ruin. After the creation of Pakistan he v=became the chief minister of the then east Pakistan. Besides this political Contribution, he did much for the cause of education. All these reasons allured me to consider A.K Fazlul Huq as the man I like most.