Air is one of the most important elements in our environment. No creature can live without air. It is called the life-living force. But this air sometimes gets polluted and becomes a threat to our life. Air is polluted in various ways. The most common agent that pollutes air is smoke. Smoke of all kinds pollutes air. Man makes fire for cooking food, burning refuse, melting pitch etc. Thus they create
smoke which mixes with air and pollutes it. Railway engines, mills and factories, buses, cars, trucks, steamers, launches and automobiles use coal, petrol and diesel to make energy. When these are burnt they create smoke and air gets polluted. The most serious air pollution occurs in big industrial areas where there are many big mills and factories. Again air pollution happens in big cities where many buses, trucks and cars ply along the streets every day. With a view to ensuring a healthier and happier life for all, we must keep air free from pollution. By abstaining from making smoke or at least minimizing its creation we can control air pollution to some extent. Above all, it is our strong civic sense that can act as the vanguard against air pollution.