Today tea is the most popular drink in the world. It is obtained from the leaves of tea plants. To get tea is, however, an interesting process. When the plants are about four years old, we start collecting the leaves. The leaves are plucked four times a year-in April, June, July and August. Female workers are generally preferable for plucking leaves. Generally the workers go out in the morning
with baskets hung behind their back and gather buds and leaves. After gathering the leaves and buds they are rolled by a machine and dried in a cauldron over a furnace. This time the color of the leaves is gradually changed from brown to black because of the heat and subsequent exposure of air. After this process, tea is ready for sale and consumption. This is how we get tea from the leaves of tea plants. The preparation of tea as a drink is very simple process. Water is first boiled in a pot and a desired quantity of tea dust is put in it. After a few minutes the boiled leaves are separated from the liquor. Then the liquor is poured into a cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it. Thus we get tea as a tasty drink.