There are two district processes of the cultivation of rice. One is sowing and the other is transplanting. In the first process the seeds are sown in the fields. But in the second process the seeds are scattered on maddy lands. When they grow up-to one or one and half feet in height, they are transplanted in another field already prepared for the purpose. In both the cases the fields are ploughed, harrowed and manured well. After the plants grow a little, the fields are wedded out and
watered for several times. When paddy ripens, the grains are separated from hay. Then by husking paddy we get rice. Husking is done either by “Dheki” or in mills. Rice may be of two kinds. Atap and Siddha or boiled. When paddy is dried and husked it is called Atap or unboiled rice. When the paddy is first boiled and then dried and husked, it is called boiled rice. It is the main food of the people of Bangladesh.