Gardening is a nice hobby to make good use of one’s leisure and to derive pleasure in hours of dullness. Now you have to know how to make a garden. Let it be a flower garden or a vegetable garden. In each case, first you have select a piece of fertile land where water does not stand during the rainy season. When the land is selected you have to plough the soil well in order to make it
suitable for sowing seeds or planting like seedlings in it. After sowing seeds or planting seedlings of flowers and vegetables as you like, you have to put a strong fence around the garden so that cattle, goats and naughty boys can do no harm to it. In order to take proper care of the garden, you have to work in it at least two hours daily. You have to make the soil loose and water the plants regularly. In short, these are the processes of making a garden. I believe this will help you in making a garden if you desire so.