The game of football is played between two teams each consisting of eleven players. Of them there is a goalkeeper who prevents the ball from touching the net. There are two full backs standing at a little distance from the goal posts. They play as defenders. There are three half backs in a line midway between the forwards and backs. They play as defenders as well as offenders. There are also another five players who play in the forward line. They try to kick the ball between the goal
posts of the opposite team. The whole game is divided into two equal halves with an interval of ten to fifteen minutes. The game is generally played for ninety minutes. In the field the referee is the supreme authority to conduct the game. His decision is final. Two linesman assist him to conduct the game smoothly and properly. During the play no player expect the goalkeeper can touch the ball with hands. No player in the game can make any foul. In case of making any serious foul and offence the referee can turn any player out of field. The victory goes to the team that scores more goals than the other does.