A journey by air is thrilling and at the same time enjoyable. A few days ago, I made such a journey from Dhaka to Chittagong. It was December 23, 2002. I arrives at the Zia International Airport, Dhaka, about an hour before the flight. An airport officer checked my ticket and did all the other formalities for the flight. At about 8:30 am I boarded the plane with other fellow passengers. When all the passengers were in, the plane took off. Soon the plane started flying high above the land at
full speed towards the destination. Looking through the window I saw patches of clouds floating around the plane. The houses and trees below were looking like tiny toys. Rivers flowing below appeared t be thin lines drawn on a sheet of paper. I was beside myself in joy in such an amazing situation. It was a short journey. In less than an hour the plane reached Chittagong airport. It gradually came down and landed smoothly. Thus my first but happy and enjoyable journey came to an end. Although I felt a little nervous at the beginning, I got it over after a short while. I really enjoyed the journey.