I made an enjoyable journey by train last week. I like to tell something about it. My elder sister lives in Dhaka, with her husband. My parents told me pay visit to her residence. So I accompanied by two of my friends took a journey by from Jamalpur to Dhaka. We bought our tickets and got into the train at 5 am. It was an inter-city train. It stopped only at Mymensingh and then reached
Dhaka. We had an exciting experience of the journey. The train was not, very crowded. We enjoyed the mild jerking of the train and the rhythmic sounds of the wheels. We also enjoyed various scenes on the both sides of the railway line. They seemed to be running in the opposite direction. Houses, trees, bridges and stations came and vanished in the twinkling of an eye. All these were worth seeing and enjoying. We enjoyed them very much. The memory of the journey will remain ever fresh in my mind.