Trees are the most important and useful gift of nature. They are our good wealth and riches. They provide us with varieties of fruits which are very delicious and at the same time rich in vitamins. They are our best friends as they supply us with wood to build our dwelling houses and to decorate them beautifully. They absorb carbon dioxide from air and release oxygen, which is needed for our life. They are used as raw materials for different industries like those of paper, ply wood, matches,
etc. The roots, barks, leaves, flower and fruits of trees are widely used in drugs and herbal medicines. Besides these, they keep our environment cool and make it fit for comfortable living. They induce rains, prevent erosion and maintain ecological balance. An area devoid of trees will go barren and turn into a desert in course if time. They are a great source of our income. We can earn a lot of money by selling trees. As such they help us to come out of grip of poverty. So every one of us should plant more trees in order to live a happy and prosperous life.