Every man should have a definite aim in his life. Without a definite aim none can reach the height 
of  glory in life. It acts as the guiding force of a man in reaching his goal in life. A man with flexible 
aims  can hardly reach the goal of life. Since my boyhood, I have cherished an intense desire to 
become a  doctor in future. As there is no qualified doctor in our village, our villagers often suffer 
from various   fatal diseases. Many of them die without proper treatment and medicines. So I have 

made up my  mind to be a doctor to serve the ailing people of my village. To be a doctor I have to 
prepare myself  first. I will study hard so that I can make good results in the S.S.C. and the H.S.C. 
examinations in  science and biology. After passing the H.S.C. examination I shall get myself 
admitted into a medical  college. Having obtained the M.B.B.S degree I wish to continue my 
higher studies in a renowned  foreign medical university. Having qualified myself as an efficient 
doctor, I will return to my village  and serve the poor and the helpless people of my village. I do 
believe I will be able to succeed in my  mission.