The last day of my school was a memorable day in my life. The feeling I had on the day was both
happy and sad. It was happy at the hope of joining a college and sad at the thought of leaving my
school where I had spent five years of my life. I reached the school as usual at 10.00 a.m. First of all, I
along with my friends went to the Headmasters’ room to salute him. Then we all went to the
teachers’ common room to salute our teachers. They blessed us all. Last of all we were given a

farewell party. The function started with the recitation from Holy Quran at 3 p.m. Our headmaster
presided over the function. At first we, the outgoing students, were garlanded by the junior students.
Salam, a student of class ix, then read out a farewell address. I,on behalf of the outgoing students,
spoke on the occasion. I expressed our gratitude to the teachers for their untiring efforts and loving
care to impart education to us. I also begged pardon to them for any unintentional offence done to
them. I told our junior students to forgive and forget if any one of us did any wrong to them. When
the function was over, I shook hands with my friends, respectfully bade my teachers good-bye and

returned home.