A science fair is a display of scientific instruments. I have recently paid a visit to a science fair held 
in our school premises and experienced many new ideas. My visit to the fair was surprising as well 
as interesting. I was simply charmed with what I saw in the fair. At first, I saw a number of 
scientific machinery invented by our young scientists. Some schools displayed hand-made models 

of ships, motorcars, aero planes, trains, radios, televisions and computers that attracted me very 
much. But what impressed me most were an indigenous microscopes, the cheapest paddy thresher, 
the remote control light and battery making from cow dung and soap making from plantain trees by  the students of some colleges. These inventions and innovations made me convinced that had there 
been more laboratory facilities for experiments, our young scientists would soon be able to make 
new scientific and technological achievements. I spent about four hours visiting the fair and 
experienced many new things. I left the fair with a mixed felling of joy and wonder.