English is the most living language in the world. It is the only language, which is widely used and 
accepted as a medium of international communications. Most of the countries in the world is to 
communicate with the people of other countries for various purposes. So, as an international 
language the necessity of learning English is the most imperative for s. Secondly learning English 

offers us opportunities to get a good job. Indeed there are some good jobs like those of a pilot, a 
navigator, an army officer etc. for which one must be well conversant with the knowledge of 
English. Again, if anybody wishes to get a job of a telephone operator,  a postman or a job in a 
foreigner office or in a big hotel he or she must know English well. Even a repairman, or a 
mechanic must have knowledge of English to read the repair manuals. Above all, anybody willing to 
get higher education in science and technology or any other subject in a foreign university needs to 
have the knowledge of English. So  the necessity of learning English is no way can be denied.