A house is a place where a man lives with other members of a family. It is his dwelling place, which ensures him a happy, comfortable and protected life. A house can be used for other purposes too. It can be used for an educational institution, an office, a hospital, a mosque and so on. But it is usually used for a man’s dwelling place. A house is an absolute necessity for living a decent and enjoyable life. It carries one’s identity too. Now-a days nobody can think of living a civilized life
without a house. It is man’s sweet abode where he passes his days and night happily. It protects him from cold, heat, rain and storm. It also protects him from being endangered either by human beings or any other than any wild animal. It provides him with peace, rest and comfort. A man feels himself free and save while he lives and sleeps in his house at night. Thus without a house to live in, no man can be happy. It is really their save and comfortable resort and protected dwelling place. By living in a house one finds heavenly pleasure. This is why the poet sings in his poem, ‘’ Home,home, sweet home, There is no place like home’’