A street beggar is a common sight almost everywhere in towns and cities. He is seen either sitting and standing by the roadside and begging for a small coin. He wears torn and dirty clothes. He generally chooses a bus stop, a railway station, a launch or a steamer terminal or a market place where many people gather together. Whenever he sees a man, he stretches out his hand or his begging bowl for a coin. Sometimes he draws the mercy of the people by reciting some verses from
the holy Quran. Occasionally, a young and strong street beggar roams about the signal points and traffic jams and very promptly stretches out his hand or begging bowl. A street beggar leads a poor and miserable life. He begs because he has no other means to survive. He lives on the charity of other people. He often passes the nights sleeping in the street under the open sky. Sometimes, he goes without foods. But we should not encourage begging. It kills every incentive in a man to work by himself. It doesn’t give anything good to the society.