The world around us is getting polluted day by day. This pollution is threatening the very existence of  all
living beings. Massive expansion of industries, increasing uses of various kinds of mechanized transports,
the random uses of chemical fertilizers and above all the destruction of forests and trees are mainly
responsible for environmental pollution. Serious air pollution often occurs in big cities where many

buses, trucks,  and cars ply on the roads. Similarly, the using of chemical fertilizers in the fields and
throwing of industrial wastes into rivers and canals in the countryside pollute water. This pollution of air
and water ultimately causes various kinds of diseases and sometimes causes death to many men.
Undesirable sounds that come out from motor vehicles, mills and factories, aeroplanes, radios,
televisions etc. are also responsible for pollution of our environment. They affect our hearing, our
nerves, our ability to work efficiently and our general health. So, all of us should come forward to
prevent the pollution of our environment.